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Oh Rob Thomas, How You Disappointed Me So

Yeah, take a guess at what this is going to address.

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Conclusion? Not too happy with Rob Thomas for this finale. Storyline? Pretty good for a normal episode, not good for a series finale. Actors= Love =) I will truly miss VM, I will miss your season one storylines, your Veronica-ness and of course LoVe.

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Crazy Insane

-sigh- yeah, my life is running just splendidly (except for the fact that i'm already in summer mode & still have a month and a half of school left) but this whole tv thing is really making me mad.

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What have I concluded? 
1) I really hate NBC at the moment (except for the fact they renewed FNL, the one thing I'm happy about right now (I already expected Heroes to be renewed, so there's no need to celebrate))
2) Grey's Anatomy needs to start returning to its roots
3) I watch too much television for my own good (and half of it isn't even ON my tv, it's on my laptop) and need to find something better to do with my life.

Although, I did get a job as a camp counsellor for the summer..but that doesn't start until July.
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Not What I Promised, But It's a Start =)

ookay, so i said i'd come back with icons..
i may have fibbed a little..
well technically no, because those are on its way..i'm still uploading screencaps -__-"
but i got bored today, & i found some REALLY nice one tree hill pictures..
& decided to make banners out of them.
& since i feel bad for promising icons and not having any..
i have some icons too from challenges and such =)

So here's the list:
[4] Eric Dane
[17] Friday Night Lights
[9] Gaspard Ulliel
[1] Grey's Anatomy Cast
[8] Kate Bosworth
[2] One Tree Hill
[2] Other
[16] The OC
[16] Ugly Betty
[18] Veronica Mars

[2] Tyler Hilton + Chad Michael Murray banners
[3] One Tree Hill 4.17 Episode Still banners

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OHKAY, so this week is going to ROCK.

-         3 day school week (I stayed home sick today, so it’s a three day school week for me since Friday is a PA Day)

-         VM is back

-         OTH is back

-         Heroes was FREAKING FANTASTIC tonight

-         Dance competitions are over & done

-         All the projects due this week are super easy

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& I know I haven’t actually made any graphic-y things lately, but I’m in the process of freeing up some more room on my computer. Which means hours and hours of screencap uploading on photobucket (yeah, I know I can zip the pictures & upload them somewhere, but I hate downloading them again and unzipping and searching, so the hours of uploading are kinda worth it for me). When I’m done with all this uploading, I will have a bunch of goodies for everyone (including a batch of FNL icons I started but haven’t gotten a chance to finish yet, a batch of TBD icons I planned to start but haven’t yet & a batch from some random awards thingy I found on imdb.com)

So that is my update after my lack of updatingness =)

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okay, so I have pretty much ran out of room on my laptop =) I think I need to get rid of a lot of screencaps and stuff, but I kind of don't want to delete them all..
Like, I WANT to get rid of the screencaps, but I just might need them again later and I really don't want to redownload them (my internet is a pain in the bum). So I'm wondering if anyone has any idea how to set up a thing to upload to the internet and keep it all organized, something like vm-caps.com, only with a bunch of screencaps from different shows.
So, if anyone wants to help explain how I'm suppose to get something like that set up, I'll be very very thankful =)

On another note, I'm going to start tagging just about everything in my journal. That means I'm going back to the beginning and tagging every TV show and movie and such. It's going to be VERY fun =/ At least I'll be more organized =D

Let's just hope I have enough time to get it all done this weekend xD

& done =D.
things should be much more organized now =D

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A long time ago, we used to be friends

So, I was messing around on facebook & I had my music on shuffle..for once it shuffles over to "We Used to Be Friends" by the Dandy Warhols. The original, not the remix. God, I haven't realized how much I LOVE this song (or use to..but I'm back to loving it again). Anyways, as a result, I made a banner and a few matching icons. 

[20] Kristen Bell Icons
[1] Kristen Bell Banner
[9] Veronica & Lily Icons
[1] Veronica & Lily Banner
[1] 1 Lyrics Icon

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Black Donnellys= Catherine's New Obsession

& the fact that OTH & VM are on hiatus isn't helping her obsession.
Neither is the fact that The OC & Alias are cancelled.

SO, it's the only show currently on television, which means GRAPHICS !

[1] The Black Donnellys Wallpaper (1024x768 & 800x600)
[74] The Black Donnellys Icons

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